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Bryan Dallas

(Vinyl) In My Own Lane

(Vinyl) In My Own Lane

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Embark on a captivating journey with Bryan Dallas through his pop album "In My Own Lane," a vinyl escapade that promises a melodic exploration of self-expression and individuality.

Tracklist Side A and B:

  1. Gaudi: Start the sonic voyage with a rhythmic introduction that sets the tone for the album's eclectic journey.

  2. Roller Coaster: Experience the ups and downs of life through the vibrant beats and dynamic melodies of "Roller Coaster."

  3. In My Own Lane: Immerse yourself in the title track's catchy beats and lyrics that celebrate embracing your unique path.

  4. I Want My Money Back: Feel the pulse of dissatisfaction and empowerment with this track that demands what's rightfully yours.

  5. Ride Like Thunder: Conclude Side A and dive into the powerful rhythms and energetic vibes of "Ride Like Thunder" for an electrifying musical experience.

  6. Forever in Tune: Flip the vinyl and conclude the album with harmonies resonating through your thoughts. "Forever in Tune" ensures this musical exploration lingers, creating a lasting impact.

Bryan Dallas' "In My Own Lane" is not just a pop album; it's an authentic, uplifting experience. 

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