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Bryan Dallas

(Vinyl) Fire EP - Bryan Dallas

(Vinyl) Fire EP - Bryan Dallas

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# **"Fire" by Bryan Dallas - A Gritty, Raw, and Ready Rock EP on Vinyl**

Dive into the explosive world of Bryan Dallas with his EP "Fire," a vinyl experience that promises an adrenaline-fueled journey through six gritty, raw, and ready tracks on each side.

Tracklist Side A and B:

  1. Rock You Like A Bomb: Kick off the sonic explosion with a track that embodies the power of a musical detonation. 

  2. Fire: Immerse yourself in the blazing intensity of the title track. Dallas ignites a musical fire that rages with untamed fervor.

  3. Don't Ever Stop: This track is a relentless call to action, encouraging you to embrace every moment.

  4. Lay It All On The Line: Dallas lays it all on the line. This soul-baring anthem combines raw vulnerability with a powerful musical backdrop.

  5. Heaven Down: Experience a melodic descent into the depths. "Heaven Down" is a sonic journey that elevates the senses.

  6. The Rest Of Time: Conclude the EP with echoes through the corridors of your mind. "The Rest Of Time" leaves a lingering impact, ensuring this musical journey resonates long after the last note.

Bryan Dallas' "Fire" is more than an EP; it's a sonic adventure for those seeking unapologetic, heart-pounding rock. Embrace the vinyl experience.

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