EPK – Bryan Dallas

Stream - All I Want For Christmas Is A Cadillac




Introducing Bryan Dallas, an American singer performing in the Rock and Pop genre. Dallas has appeared on bills with with ZZ Top, 38 special, Uncle Cracker, Steel Panther and more.  In 2019 Dallas released an LP titled DALLAS on AOR Blvd Records. The album sold 2000 CD copies through retailers worldwide. Dallas received wonderful organic support from radio stations magazines and online communities across the globe. In 2019 BURRN! magazine in JAPAN (Often compared with Rolling Stone Magazine USA) wrote about Dallas in a 2 page interview. Dallas's 2019 release also got picked up by countless online zines who gave positive reviews and comparisons to Def Leppard, Mutt Lange and other icons. In 2020 Dallas began distributing brand new music digitally and making it available for streaming. 



(2019) California’s BRYAN DALLAS just dropped 14 song DALLAS LP

The 2019 DALLAS LP release made a spike in growth from 300 to over 8000 followers in weeks time. Multiple songs landed in TV shows on MTV and Netflix movies. Online and terrestrial radio stations buzzed about Dallas while Facebook posts received hundreds of likes and thousands of CDs sold in retail outlets worldwide. BURRN! Magazine writes a 2 page spread while things heat up. 


Alas, Beginning the Pandemic, Dallas's legend label partner (Kelv Hellraizer - Poison, Kerrange! Magazine) at AOR Blvd dies unexpectedly. Shows cancelled, plans changed and Dallas formalizes a label of his own just continuing to make music and products available online.  


A 2020 Christmas EP of original traditional style Christmas songs including the now famous “All I Want For Christmas Is A Cadillac” is promoted by the biggest Cadillac warehouse in America of the past 40s years, CaddyDaddy who featured the song and inspirational 1963 Cadillac (owned by Dallas himself.) in their very popular magazine.   


Laid low by a serious injury for the majority of 2021 Dallas never stopped music and entertaining communities through TikTok and other social media outlets. Dallas declined several record deal offers, show opportunities, management deals that year and instead took a low key job working behind the scenes at ABC news Channel 7 mainstream media to help broadcast breaking Pandemic news to the USA.  While on the go, Dallas fully recovered and since resigned his News position in good standing in order to get back into the studio full-time. Now with the inside scoop, we see shows, releases video content and more in the pipeline for 2022. A brand new album release from Dallas is highly anticipated in 2022. 


Social Stats:

Radio Play: Yes

TV and Movies: MTV, Netflix, ShadowMachine Films

Physical CDs: Dallas LP 2000 units sold

Streaming: approx. 5k streams per year and growing.

YouTube: approx. 800k views across all videos owned and not owned

Followers: approx. 15k followers across platforms