Bryan Dallas On The Future Road To Dallas

Bryan Dallas On The Future Road To Dallas

It's been a long time since I decided to produce Rock after my last release. I took a year off to travel and break from my normal activities. It was needed to regroup. At the beginning of 2019 I started writing specifically to follow up the DALLAS LP I put out in 2018 on AOR Blvd Records. There was such great support for that album that I have since begun to record demos and create mixes to release digitally under @BryanDallasMusic (BDM). As I continue to write, record and release songs, I'm also creating video concepts and ideas that I'll post on YouTube. I think before long performing live will be the focus again. Something fresh that is not your typical band show. I'll keep posting about where I am at with it all leading up to the next album and how it will be released. But for now, Im working on the next song.  

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